Announce our first IDO lottery: DEMATRIX

Please keep in mind that this article will be updated as the IDO date approaches. One of the main purposes of DEMATRIX’s participation in IDO is to provide a starting platform for ambitious anonymous projects. Doing so is completely transparent to the community to minimize the risks that usually exist when the project raises funds. Part of this transparency is the review process:

●Complete two audits

●Through preliminary manual overview

●Through the interview

●Disclose all codes

●Outline the process through the committee

Now it’s time to start it.

We have received a lot of suggestions and will do our best to deliver the best projects on our launchpad. In the coming weeks and months, our goal is to make the community investing easy. Therefore, we are happy to share information about IDO’s first lottery release.

Dematrix is a matrix of decentralized products based on digital encryption. The iterative construction of our smart contract enriches Dematrix’s new Defi function. In the Dematrix 1.0 era, we are a derivative income aggregation platform built on OKexChain Testnet. Our branded mining pool provides liquid mining returns for customers with multiple income preferences. The unique synthetic asset mining pool protocol is ideal Degrees of freedom and the yield curve.

Dematrix 2.0 will be a comprehensive platform that supports NFT asset initiation, exhibition exchange, auction, mining, lending and games. It will deploy and integrate the flagship front end of blind box, mining pool, NFT20, NFTFi and decentralized auction market. The experimental NFT infrastructure strengthens the connection between digital assets, users and the real world. “First of all, we are honored to be the project launched on OKEXchain. Like many others, we are shocked by the success and continued growth of OKEXchain. It clearly shows that compared to existing cryptocurrency users, cryptocurrency users hope Use innovative and safe alternatives in Defi.

Like OKEXchain, we believe that all operations on the permissionless blockchain should ultimately be a simple process. Whether it is buying and transferring assets, or interacting with smart contracts and dApps .However, this cannot be done without proper solutions. We are eager to build a healthier Defi+nft environment, and at the same time give priority to our community in the process, especially on OKEXchain. — DEMATRIX team

Use non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) as encryption tokens. It is the same as the homogenization (indistinguishable and fungible) of other cryptocurrencies. Each non-homogeneous token is unique. NFT is an important part of the new digital economy (based on blockchain). Currently, there are many projects that are experimenting with the practicality of NFT, including games, digital identities, licenses, certificates, and artworks, which are representing the ownership of the next generation of high-value items.

“We chose to start a DEMATRIX project on OKT, because the current crazy gas fees of Ethereum plague the chain, so ordinary investors cannot use the chain. In addition, OKT’s transaction feed only costs a few cents every few seconds. Blocked. The time has also been greatly reduced. The block time of Ethereum is 30 seconds, while the block time of OKT is 3 seconds. The speed increase by ten times is considerable, especially if you want to use the Defi application in real time. Because the transaction cost is greatly reduced, OKT solves the expensive cost of smart contract interaction. The cost of a specific token could have been reduced within 30 seconds, but the data can be provided on OKT more regularly. The data is refreshed every 3 seconds.”

List details

As the IDO launch date approaches, we will provide more detailed information on the list and schedule. Updates will be provided through our Telegram community and announcement channel of DEMATRIX.

You may also want to know one more thing.

DMX stakeholders will have a special event. More information on this issue will be released next month.

Dematrix is a matrix of decentralized products based on digital encryption. Our smart contracts upgrade construction enriches Dematrix's new DeFi functions.

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